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The Process

the process

Protec is an exterior protective and decorative coating for residential or commercial buildings and consists of modern synthetic resins noted for their ability to form strong and permanent bonds producing an exceptionally durable finish.

Before Protec is applied our experienced specialist crews thoroughly repair and prepare the walls ensuring an ideal surface for the material to fix too:

1. Cracks in render are cut out and filled with flexible filler
2. Blown unstable render is removed and renewed

3. Friable or powdery render is either stabilised or removed

4. Lose pebble dash and stone loss is repaired

5. Brick work is re-pointed

6. Algae & fungi are killed and washed off the building

7. Protec is applied by high pressure spray giving a uniform finish. We only use fully trained and experienced specialist crews to get the very best results from our product.

8. Once the repair work is complete the building will be masked. We mask everything not to be sprayed resulting in a clean job. We go to great lengths to protect windows, guttering, plants, paths, patios, conservatories and anything else not to be coated. We provide all our own access equipment including scaffolding where necessary to give you the best result with no risk of damage to your property.

9. Once the wall coating is applied the masking is removed, we strongly believe in leaving a clean worksite with the only evidence of our presence being on your walls.