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We Use Protec Technology

Protec has over 40 years proven experience.

Protec is 100% waterproof but still allows walls to breathe.

Protec defends against sea air, wind and rain.

Protec is avaliable in a range of colours.

Protec prevents penetrating damp.

Protec enhances the appearance of your property.

Protec can be applied quickly and easily with minimum disruption.

Protec is available for both private and commercial properties.

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The repair and repainting of exterior walls is an expensive and time consuming exercise with constant maintenance required approximately every few years to prevent further deterioration. But there is an alternative available to enhance and renovate the exterior of your home – Protec.

Long Life Wall Coating Ltd. exclusively uses Protec wall coatings. Protec will save you time, money and effort. Whereas normal finishes may last just a few years, Protec comes with a 15 year guarantee and that is just the start of the benefits.

Protec has been used for the decoration and protection of properties in the UK for over 40 years. It is applied to virtually any prepared external surface by a trained specialist crew and will decorate and protect your walls for up to 40 years with no further maintenance required.

- Guaranteed for the first 15 years

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- Eliminates painting

- Allows walls to breathe

- Prevents penetrating damp

- Effective against sea air, wind and rain

- Cures the problems of cracked and blown render, worn out pebble dash, defective pointing and crumbling brickwork

- Available in a range of colours

Long Life Wall Coating can offer you expert advice on the best way to improve and protect your property. Your investment will save money and ensure that you have many maintenance and trouble-free years.

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